Monday, July 14, 2008

Honor & Loyalty

This is a collection of beat boards based on a famous Malaysian historical tale.  It tells the story of Hangtuah, a popular high ranking warrior in the small city state of Malacca and his close friend Hangjebat.  Together, they were the greatest warriors in all the land.  Hangtuah however was also a gifted strategist and tactician who was beloved by the people.  His popularity earned him the jealousy of one of the Sultan's ministers who spread a false rumor of Hangtuah's attempt to usurp the throne.  The Sultan then sends an assassin to kill Hangtuah, but instead of killing him, the assassin tells Hangtuah of the Sultan's treachery.  Hangtuah, unquestioningly loyal, decides to go into exile and presents the assassin with his magical kris as proof of his death.  The Sultan, overjoyed at having his would-be usurper killed, promotes Hangjebat to Hangtuah's former position and awards him the magical kris.  But Hangjebat, believing his dear friend slain, swears vengeance and slaughters the Sultan's army.  He then 'allows' the Sultan to live long enough to witness his kingdom brought to ruin.  But the assassin tells the Sultan of Hangtuah's exile, which results in the warrior's 'amnesty' of his previous crimes on the condition that he kills Hangjebat.  Hangtuah, stupidly loyal, agrees.  Hangjebat, outraged at his friend for casting aside his honor, battles Hangtuah for seven days and seven nights.  Ultimately, Hangjebat is defeated, and with his dying words, tells Hangtuah - A noble king is a king to obey, a false king is a king to destroy.